Dr Kirsty Seward

Hi, I’m Dr Kirsty Seward, your online behaviour change scientist and body image coach.

With over 10 years experience in the nutrition, health and fitness industry I grew tired of seeing women beat themselves up every time they fell off the ‘diet’ wagon. I believe women deserve more than to be stuck in the ‘diet-cycle’, repeatedly promising themselves to start again Monday.

To date, I have supported over 15,000 women to break free from diet culture and it is my mission to continue to support even more women to cultivate a healthy relationship with food, end the emotional war with their body, tune into their body wisdom and embody their authentic self – their most radiant self!

My gift to you and the world – is how powerfully I can SEE and understand YOU – guiding you to bring out your highest potential.


1:1 & Group Coaching

Learn how to say good-bye to diet culture, redefine beauty, cultivate self acceptance + compassion, heal trauma, and deepen the most important relationship you’ll ever have…the relationship you have with yourself.

My group coaching includes access to a private intimate community of like-hearted women, weekly group coaching calls and online self-paced resources to guide your journey.

My 1:1 coaching program includes all group elements PLUS premium support via 1:1 coaching calls and direct message/voice support to me.

21 Day Body Image Immersion

My immersion empowers you with the tools to live a life where you’re not controlled by your body image. 

Join the immersion and discover your purpose, values and identity, outside of diet culture and beauty ideals. Learn how to overcome body shame, embrace body neutrality, and connect with your body in a way that deeply aligns to you.

The immersion includes access to a private intimate community of like-hearted women, weekly group coaching calls, daily body image healing journal prompts and online self-paced resources to guide your journey.


Revive ‘YOU’ reflection journal

The greatest gift I’ve ever given myself has been the daily practice of putting my heart on paper.

Reflection journaling was the ‘key’ that unlocked the door to reconnecting with myself – my true authentic self.

This journal is a creation from my heart – a gift from my heart to yours

Start the journey of reconnecting with yourself today, invest in my ‘Revive YOU reflection Journal’

Revive ‘YOU’ Course

Are you ready to break free from food restrictions, feel more confident in your body and achieve life-changing results? Revive YOU is my signature Nutrition and Mindset online self-paced course.

Revive YOU is here to help you ditch the all or nothing mentality that’s holding you back from a joy-filled life, break up with the emotional war you have with your body and help you achieve health goals that you never thought were possible.

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