Each episode I'll bring to you wisdom and insights from my personal lived experience through my body image journey and explant surgery and my decade of coaching in the health, nutrition and wellness space.

My commitment to YOU, is to provide raw, vulnerable, and powerful content to help you cultivate self-awareness, reconnect with your body, and step into your most authentic self!

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  • You're interested in personal development, growth and becoming the best version of YOU!
  • You want access to EXPERTS in the health and wellness space who share information on mindset, body image and nutrition - PLUS practical tips you can action now!
  • You want to hear women vulnerably share their transformative breast implant illness and explant journeys (see my 'explant chats' episodes)
  • You want to hear from a woman, who has a decade of coaching experience, break down complex science and translate it into simple impactful steps for you

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