21 Day Body Image Healing IMMERSION



Next round starts – 17th June 2022

Are you tired of being stuck in comparison mode,

comparing your body to others,

tired of hating your body every time you look in the mirror

tired of trying to change your body to meet the beauty ideals

and punishing your body with exercise


….Then this may be the most important page you’ll ever read


Here’s WHY:

You’re about to receive an invitation to TRANSFORM the relationship you have with your body… forever!

You’re invited to join my signature ’21 day body image immersion’ – a life-changing group immersion!

in this 21-day day immersion you’ll learn how to…

unravel the root cause of your body image concerns…plus how to drop these concerns (forever!),

end the cycle of body comparison,

break free from living a life limited by your body image concerns –

and step into your most RADIANT and authentic self!

this immersion is for you if…

· You’re stuck in comparison mode comparing your body to others

· You don’t feel ‘good enough’

· You’re stuck in the ‘all or nothing’ mentality and fall ‘on and off’ the wagon when it comes to self-care

· You engage in negative self-talk about your body and yourself

· You feel unworthy of what you desire

· You want to overcome body shame and learn how to honour your body from a place of acceptance and self-love.

· You want to feel confident in your body

· You want to make peace with your body!

I’ve been there too…

You wake up,

look in the mirror and start body-checking –

wishing your thighs were smaller,

your tummy was more toned,

your hair was fuller,

you still fitted those old jeans….


…and the list goes on, right!?


…then always seeking new ways to change your body…trying to feel that little bit more ‘good enough’


In hope to feel accepted and ‘belong’

for me,

this led to years of punishing my body for ‘fitness’ and getting breast implants at age 25,

in an attempt to feel more ‘worthy’

…fast forward to today,

I’ve navigated through breast implant illness,

had my breast implants removed,

healed my own relationship with my body

and now give my most authentic self permission to SHINE!

and from this journey I want you to know…


…you’re so much more than your body


For years I too placed so much of my worth on external validation and how my body looked.

Throughout my decade of coaching I’ve guided thousands of women to break free from diet culture, cultivate self-compassion, radiate confidence and heal the relationship they have with their body…

and I’ve healed my own body image concerns too!

My healing journey required me to stop looking for external validation and to go WITHIN

to tap into my inner wisdom and my truth.

I integrated new practices to reconnect with my body,

reconnect with myself,

and reignite my inner RADIANCE!

These practices have been life changing.

And it’s now my mission to bring these practices to women all over the world, like YOU!

That’s why I created my ’21 Day Body Image Immersion’


because every woman deserves to feel liberated and empowered in her body 

I created the immersion that I wish I had access to when I started my body image healing journey.

here’s what a previous immersion member has to say…

Having Kirst’s amazing breadth of knowledge, and support over the immersion was fantastic. Spending time with like-minded women who are open to share their emotions and vulnerabilities was so powerful. Learning how to journal and moving through the daily prompts really helped me to uncover insight into myself and my relationship with my body. Forever grateful and changed because of the experience


what’s included…

Weekly online group coaching calls.

In these calls, I will introduce the ‘weekly focus’ topic and provide LIVE coaching. An opportunity for you to a have all your questions answered. You will leave the call feeling empowered and supported to integrate the learnings.

A private intimate community of like-hearted women.

A space for you to share , feel seen, heard and valued. A safe space for you to ask questions, share reflections and heal. I will also be joining you in the community.

Journal prompts delivered DAILY to guide your reflections and integration of the practices.

Workbook/worksheets to print and support you for the 21-days

A tailored summary of all your personal daily reflections. Wait until you see your growth from these reflections!

BONUSES – guided meditations, links to extra healing resources.

A GIFT from me to celebrate YOU taking the step to invest in the immersion and YOUR body image healing journey – A copy of my ‘Revive YOU reflection journal’. 

PLUS more…

here’s what another immersion member had to say…

“The immersion helped me discover my true self. I have learned more than I ever thought I could and am continuing to learn and grow every day”


 – Simone

now imagine…

Having unshakable confidence and trust in yourself to honour your body in a way that resonates and feels aligned to you…


Being in the proximity of like-hearted women who are on the same journey as you, doing the ‘inner work’. Who hold a safe space for you to be vulnerable, feel seen and valued. You get to show up as YOU – no judgement!



How would it feel to…


Leave behind the unrealistic narrow beauty ideals that society throws at you…


and instead…


cultivate a new definition of beauty. A definition that is raw and true for you – a definition that empowers you to feel the beauty all around you


Unravel your core values and create a life that’s in alignment to your values



How freeing would it feel to…


Say goodbye to being stuck in the comparison cycle, comparing yourself to others

Say goodbye to never feeling ‘good enough’

Finally find inner bliss and true fulfillment

To re-ignite your inner RADIANCE!

a peak into the shifts that happen in the immersion…

I want you to know…

That YOU are WORTHY of feeling LIBERATED in your body

DIVE in today…


join my ’21 Day Body Image Immersion’


In 21 days you can transform the relationship you have with your body – forever!


The immersion requires an application to ensure we’re the right fit to work together…

click the ‘apply now’ button below to book a free 30 minute call with me!

I cannot wait to guide YOU!

here’s what another immersion member had to say…

“It expanded how I define beauty and was blown away learning how to apply love languages to myself !!!A great course and beautifully facilitated”.

– Kristen

The duration of the immersion is 21 days. The private group community will open 2 days before the immersion begins and close 2 days after the completion of the immersion.

The immersion is any self-led woman who is ready to say goodbye to her body image concerns and step into her most radiant self.

The weekly group coaching calls are on Monday nights at 6pm AEST

The weekly group coaching call will be recorded and the REPLAY will be posted in the community group for you to access at anytime throughout the immersion.

This is a LIVE group coaching immersion. You will have access tot he coaching coaching call replays for the 21 days of the immersion. You have lifetime access to your downloadable workbook/worksheets/journal prompts.

No. Due to the nature of the LIVE course, I do not offer refunds. Once you've committed to the immersion, you're committed for the 21 days.

The women who invest in the immersion are there to play full out - and heal!

No, this course and membership isn’t covered by a private health rebate.

Please email kirsty@drkirstyseward.com.au