My signature 12 – week online course + community

For the woman who wants to feel more comfortable in her body but struggles to build habits that last.

Say goodbye to fad diets, yo-yo dieting & food guilt (forever!). Find your happy weight, inner confidence and inner peace – plus feel your most radiant self!

Does this sound like you?

“It’s too hard to be healthy.”

“Look at her body! I wish my body looked like that.”

“I can’t stop eating tonight; I’ll just do two HIIT classes tomorrow.”

“I’ll be happier when I lose xx kilos.”

“Diet starts Monday!”

“I know I want to make changes, but I can’t stick to anything”

“I feel like I go out of my way to sabotage myself”

“I don’t love the way my body looks or makes me feel”

If so, I want you to know, you’re not alone.

Following a one-size-fits-all meal plan, counting calories, or sticking to the latest diet trend won’t make you love your body or love yourself more. Healing your relationship with your body requires you to look within and heal your relationship with yourself.

Let’s start nourishing the most important relationship you have today.

RADIANT – I just couldn’t ignore this word
It kept popping up with past and present clients.
It’s how clients would describe the way they felt as they bravely healed their relationship with food and their body.
They felt an inner confidence and peace – and for the first time they felt a deep trust within themselves that they knew how to nourish and care for their body – to feel comfortable in their skin and live their happiest and healthiest life each day.

RADIANCE encompasses all my personal lived experience, coaching experience and clinical knowledge accumulated over the past DECADE as a clinical dietitian, nutritionist, behavioural scientist (PhD) and body image coach.

RADIANT is here to help you ditch the all or nothing mentality that’s holding you back from a joy-filled life, break up with the emotional war you have with your body and help you achieve health goals that you never thought were possible.

Because I believe every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident in her body!

RADIANCE is a self-paced, evidence-based online step-by-step program for women who want to radiate confidence and self-love, become role models for their kids and create healthy habits they can stick to for the rest of their lives.

Hello, I'm Dr Kirsty Seward

A behavioural scientist, accredited practising dietitian, body image & mindset coach from Newcastle, Australia.

With over ten years of experience in the health, fitness and nutrition industry, I am passionate about helping women break free from diet culture and honour their bodies from a place of self-worth and self-acceptance.

Through my scientific knowledge and clinical experience combined with my enthusiasm, compassion and intuition, I have empowered over 20,000 clients to cultivate self-compassion, transform their relationship with food and radiate confidence.

I created RADIANCE because I grew tired of seeing women fall on and off the ‘diet’ wagon.

RADIANCE is the program I wish all women had when they started their health journey.


RADIANCE is not a quick fix, a simple meal plan to follow or another unsustainable fad diet. RADIANCE is here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to say YES to living your happiest, healthiest, and most radiant life.
It’s about time you live that kickass life you’ve been dreaming about.

RADIANCE is the program for you if you’re ready to:


  • Break up with an all or nothing mentality.
  • Stop yo-yo dieting forever.
  • Have more time to enjoy life and feel more joy & abundance
  • Stop punishing your body and start to honour it instead.
  • Feel confident to nourish your body (without the food guilt!)
  • Calm your nervous system and say goodbye to overwhelm and burnout!
  • Build rituals to honour yourself with intention and ease
  • Set healthy boundaries and quit people pleasing, so you can feel more energised!
  • Stop punishing your body and start to honour it instead.
  • Become a positive role model and inspiration for your kids.

Here’s what you get in RADIANCE:

Video Modules – LIFETIME access to 20+ exclusive RADIANCE video modules with wisdom that has helped thousands of women just like you. These videos are overflowing with information to help you supercharge your mindset, cultivate self compassion, shed your limiting beliefs, boost your self-esteem, shift through body shame, align your life to your values, become a master of your nutrition, and create healthy habits & rituals for life. You get LIFETIME access so you can watch these as many times as you desire!
60+ Resources and Exercises – Kickstart your RADIANCE journey and integrate the video modules with 60+ pages of resources, journal prompts and exercises.
RADIANCE Meal Plans – Understand how to build your nutrition in a way that feels easy and nourishes your body with a range of sample meals plans + over 40 additional recipes for inspiration. All recipes follow the exact method I teach for balance and variety!
Private community – LIFETIME access to a PRIVATE community of like-hearted women all on the same journey as you. Ask questions and get daily support from the community and myself! I’ve been listening to your desires – and I know connection with other women was high up on the list of desires!
Monthly live Q&A with me! – each month join me for a 1 hour live Q&A where you can ask questions and get live coaching from me. Questions can be on anything such as mindset, body image, nutrition, self-care, habits, feminine energy….literally anything!
BONUS masterclasses with guest experts covering topics such as ‘Money Mindset’, ‘Ego and shifting subconscious beliefs’, ‘The power of Breathwork’ and ‘Awakening your feminine essence’.
And so much more!
There even more details about the modules to come soon

here’s how it’s going to launch…


The official date the course + community will go 

LIVE is the 21st of August 2022


So, Welcome to the EARLY pre-launch offer –

get lifetime access to RADIANCE for a one time investment of $597 or a payment plan of 3 x $199 (monthly installments)
get lifetime access to RADIANCE for a one time investment of $797 or a payment plan of 3 x $267 (monthly installments)

During the launch phase, every 2 weeks the investment will INCREASE by $200 until the the official LIVE date on the 21st of August where the price will remain a one time investment of $997 or 3 x $367 (monthly payments)
If RADIANCE has caught your attention and you’re keen to commit to your journey – I encourage you to make the most of this pre-launch offer and to save now!
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Are you ready?